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Why Rakuten Uses Exabeam and Incydr™ Instead of Traditional DLP


By designing a data security program with Exabeam and Incydr™ at the core instead of a traditional DLP, Rakuten can identify and address the riskiest data activity – not just activity they know to watch for. This recorded conversation between experts from Rakuten, Exabeam and Code42 discusses the critical workflows Rakuten has built to protect data.


This webinar will discuss:

  • Why Rakuten went with Exabeam + Incydr instead of a traditional DLP
  • How the rise of remote work accelerated Rakuten’s efforts to address Insider Risks
  • How Rakuten leverages Code42 risk detection lenses for departing employees, high risk users, and also new employees bringing in data from other employers

Supporting Resource: KT Boyle shares 5 Lessons Learned Implementing a Modern Insider Risk Management Program

Meet the speakers:

KT Boyle, Sr. Manager, Cybersecurity, Rakuten

KT Boyle is the Senior Manager of Cybersecurity for Rakuten. KT is the Program Lead in developing both Rakuten’s UEBA solution and Insider Threat/DLP program, and has been with Rakuten for 1 year and previously spent the last 16yrs in the US Army. He spent the previous 7 years as a Cyber Operations Officer at US Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) and with Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), working on both offensive and defensive cyberspace operations. He has been the Program Lead in developing out both Rakuten’s UEBA solution as well as Rakuten’s DLP/Insider Threat program.


Peter Hadjigeorgiou, Former Sr. Security Relationship Manager, Code42

Peter Hadjigeorgiou was previously a member of the Code42 Security Success Team with background and expertise designing, developing, and deploying Insider Threat and Data Protection programs to enhance an organization’s ability to prevent, detect and respond to insider threats. Peter is a Certified Insider Threat Program Manager and has held previous roles as a consultant to public and private sector entities as well as serving internal security roles at Deloitte and NetApp.

Justin Des Lauriers, Customer Success Engineer, Exabeam

Justin Des Lauriers is a customer success engineer at Exabeam. With more than 10 years of experience, Justin is focused on helping customers implement and adopt Exabeam in their environment. Prior to Exabeam, Justin worked at Microsoft and Abbott Nutrition in IT, security and business intelligence roles. He holds a masters degree in technology management from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.