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Insider Risk is Driving Changes in Security: 5 Reasons Why It's Different Than You Think


Protecting your organization's data from Insider Risks — like departing employees, your hybrid workforce and shadow IT — is challenging the controls-centric security response plan of today. In this webcast, learn the common misconceptions about Insider Risk and what that means for your response to data loss, leak and theft, including:

  • Why Insider Risk is getting worse
  • Why Insider Risk is not just a training issue
  • Why Zero Trust for data security is necessary


Want to learn how to address your Insider Risks? Read our white paper on Insider Risk Management: A Better Way to Prevent Data Leaks.


About the Author

As vice president of Insider Risk Security Research & Strategy at Code42, Mark leads the market research, competitive intelligence and product marketing teams. Mark joined Code42 in 2016 bringing more than 20 years of B2B data storage, cloud and data security experience with him, including several roles in marketing and product management at Seagate.

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