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Why Stolen IP, Departing Employees, and Remote Work Demand a New Approach to Data Protection

It's time to take a good look at whether data leak prevention should be the main input to your data protection strategy. Data security risks continue to increase despite investments in technology like DLP and CASB. Remote work and cloud collaboration tools have lead to employees inadvertently put sensitive data at risk. This can be just as big of a problem as those selling IP to competitors.

Strategies that treat both as preventable and definable risks are missing the larger context. Insider Risk Management strategies for data protection are rooted in a commitment to never compromising the speed of the business nor the safety of data, and this webinar will define how these types of programs work.

This webinar will discuss:

  • Why Insider Risk Management is the best approach for today’s data protection challenges
  • How a product like Incydr™ meets the requirements for an Insider Risk-based approach

About the Author

Andrew has been working in cybersecurity for twenty years Co-authoring the BISRA risk methodology, he has worked extensively with CISO’s across the globe to help them develop financially centric risk management capabilities. Andrew has worked on global deployments of EDR, Endpoint Security, Network Security, DLP, Server Security, Application Security and SIEM platforms. Andrew has successfully helped organizations map the security controls to a variety of security program models and compliance requirements.

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