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DLP Won't Solve Your Data Leak Problem: Exploring the Data Exposure Report, Volume II


Exploring the Data Exposure Report, Volume II

Volume II of the 2021 Code42 Data Exposure Report took a close look at respondents who say they actively rely on a controls-based tool (like DLP or CASB) to protect data to analyze how security teams assessed the effectiveness of those tools.


Join Mark Wojtasiak, VP of Insider Risk Security Research & Strategy at Code42, as he dives into the second volume of this 2021 report to the security community and discusses why the industry is moving toward new solutions to support evolving security postures that protect data.


This webinar will delve into three critical findings:

  •  DLP is not an effective strategy for stopping Insider Risk and the problem is getting worse: More than three-quarters of organizations have suffered a data breach in the past year despite having a DLP solution in place.
  • Current Insider Risk strategies do not align with evolving nature of work: More than half of organizations continue to use a network DLP solution to mitigate Insider Risk despite acknowledging that the network doesn’t exist in today’s highly distributed, multi-cloud world.
  • The failure of policy-based tools is forcing security teams to fly blind in their efforts to combat Insider Risks: More than half of security professionals cannot see files move to untrusted destinations before a user or event has triggered an alert or rule.

About the Author

Mark Wojtasiak is a guest speaker bringing more than 20 years of B2B data storage, cloud and data security experience with him. He co-authored the book Inside Jobs with Joe Payne, CEO of Code42, and Jadee Hanson, CISO & CIO of Code42.

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