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Code42 Enhances Source Code Exfiltration Detection

Las Vegas – Black Hat —

Code42 Software, Inc., the Insider Risk Management (IRM) leader, today announced it has enhanced the Code42 Incydr™ data protection solution to identify both sources and destinations of source code to accurately detect exfiltration – ensuring security teams have full visibility into source code movement.

Across industries, source code is ranked as one of the top three most important data types to protect. However, traditional data protection tools cannot track where source code is being exfiltrated from or where it’s moving to. This lack of visibility makes it difficult for organizations to identify whether the source code is open source or proprietary, or if insiders are moving it to untrusted repositories. Consequently, 87% of companies say more visibility is needed to protect source code from exfiltration. 

“For many companies – especially in technology and life sciences – source code is the single most valuable IP. Yet, security teams face a daunting task in ensuring it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands,” said Joe Payne, CEO of Code42. “Incydr is the only data protection solution that monitors Git commands to properly identify the sources and destinations of source code as it’s moved. Given the high cost of data loss, this heightened level of detection could make a difference of millions of dollars on an organization's bottom line.”   

In addition to detecting sources and destinations of proprietary source code movement, Incydr helps security teams quickly identify and remediate Insider Risk events. To save time and resources, organizations can establish untrusted and trusted repositories so that analysts are alerted only to suspicious movements of source code. Incydr can also deliver micro-trainings tailored to employees or contractors who are engaging in accidental but risky behaviors. These features enable security teams to safeguard their critical data.


The new Incydr enhancements are currently available to all Code42 customers.

About Incydr

Code42 Incydr data protection allows security teams to easily adjust their response to alerts by training users, containing threats, or blocking unacceptable user activity. With Incydr data protection, customers can automatically send tailored micro-trainings to correct employee mistakes in real-time, contain insider threats, and speed investigations via integrated controls with EDR and IAM products, case management, and access to file contents. This helps organizations drive down data loss, leak, and theft while also protecting their intellectual property and customer data.

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