IncydrTM Flows

Incydr Flows are no-code automated integrations that add context and accelerate response to Insider Risk. Response and Context Flows make it easy to automate response controls that are in alignment with your risk tolerance.

Simplify manual and cross-functional workflows

Managing Insider Risk depends on cross-functional processes and information from disparate systems. The complexity of consistently bringing the right people, processes and technology together to accurately detect and effectively respond to Insider Risk has traditionally been challenging.

Benefits of Incydr Flows:

  • Mitigate alert fatigue
  • Reduce manual, repetitive or error prone tasks
  • Simplify processes that rely on disparate systems and multiple teams
  • Accelerate response times

Introducing Incydr Flows

Incydr Flows streamline workflows between Incydr and corporate systems like IAM, PAM, EDR, HCM, ITSM and others. They help bring additional context into Incydr and trigger a variety of responses.

Context Flows

Incydr Context Flows enhance Incydr’s signal by ingesting user attributes, such as employment milestones, departure or elevated access credentials from corporate IAM, PAM and HCM systems. With user context from these systems, Incydr Flows automatically adds users to alert rules or risk detection lenses when they are considered a high risk user.

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Response Flows

Incydr Response Flows orchestrate controls to mitigate corporate data leak when Insider Risk events are detected. Containment, resolution and educational controls are automated based on the severity of the event. They are delivered through integrations with systems like IAM, PAM, EDR and ITSM.

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