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Insider Threat Response Controls

Reduce Data Risk With Appropriate Response Controls

With insider threats a growing concern, security teams need a response plan to remediate insider data exfiltration events. However, responding to employee file exfiltration activity can be tricky when it creates negative tension between security and employees.

Code42’s Approach

Response controls to insider threats that correspond with the severity of risk

What if you could rapidly and easily respond to insider threats based on the severity of the risk, without getting in the way of employee productivity? An Insider Risk Management solution like Incydr™ has the technical and administrative controls to do just that – enabling security teams to take a wide range of actions. This allows security to respond to every insider threat using controls that are proportionate to the event’s severity.

Responce Controls Matrix
Feature Name Technical Controls Administrative Controls
Preventative Actions
Remove user access to systems Acceptable use policy
Quarantine the user’s endpoint Program communications plan
Obfuscate data fields Situational and role-based training
Corrective Actions
Send responsive micro-trainings to users Attestation document
Escalation procedures
Incident handling procedures
Learnings through active investigation by security analyst

Introducing Code42 Instructor

Just-in-time security trainings (and a little bit of empathy) reduce future data risk incidents

Contacting employees to remediate data exposure is a difficult conversation, especially when 78% of data exfiltration events are not malicious. Code42 Instructor educational videos have an empathetic tone, and the product has a library of videos to address very specific security incidents, all designed to drive secure work habits across the organization.

Send tailored video lessons to respond to detected Incydr events


Incydr executes insider threat response with your existing security stack

Insider threats are multifaceted – and there are additional security tools that will help address it. Incydr has a robust ecosystem of integrations to ensure you can respond appropriately, every time.

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