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Incydr Risk Indicators

Automatically Prioritize Risks That Need Immediate Attention

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Automatically prioritize data risks that need immediate attention with Incydr Risk Indicators

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Incydr Risk Indicators (IRIs) are activities or characteristics that suggest corporate data is at a higher risk of exposure or exfiltration. A library of more than 250 IRIs drive Incydr’s context-driven, pragmatic and adaptable risk prioritization model.

How it works

Risk scoring based on file, destination, source and user characteristics and behaviors

  • Apply multi-dimensional context
    Information related to the file, source, exfiltration destination and user is used contextually to determine the risk of an activity.
  • Detect anomalous user behavior
    Pinpoint deviations from baseline user behaviors such as the first use of a destination, and rare use of a destination.
  • Expertly scored on day 1
    A research-backed risk score is assigned to every IRI out of the box, and score thresholds determine an event’s severity.
  • Adjust to changing risk tolerance
    Risk settings can easily be tuned to increase or decrease the risk score of an IRI based on your unique risk tolerance.

Incydr Risk Indicators examples

Zip file exfiltration

Source code exfiltration

Salesforce report exfiltration

Earnings report exfiltration

Public link in Google Drive

Dropbox sync app

Attachment to ProtonMail

Airdrop transfer

CRMs such as Salesforce

HR platforms such as ADP

Source code repositories such as Github

EMRs such as Epic

Departing employee

Contract employee

First use of destination

File mismatch (concealed exfiltration)

White Paper

An Overview of Incydr’s Risk Prioritization Model

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Get a tour of how Incydr Risk Indicators make it easy to detect and investigate data loss from insiders.

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Detect, investigate and respond to data exfiltration


Automate management workflows and get focused visibility into file activity for a subset of users who are more likely to put data at risk, such as departing employees.

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Forensic Search

Investigate event details and custom query a comprehensive, cloud-based index of activity metadata without putting strain on employee devices.

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Response Controls

Implement effective, automated responses to protect data without disrupting productivity or burdening security teams.

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Incydr customers experienced benefits of $2 million over three years

According to the composite organization in Forrester TEI™ results.

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