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Gain Full Visibility Into Untrusted File Movement

Incydr provides two dashboards for the user – the Risk Exposure Dashboard to identify data exposure, training gaps, and corporate policy non-compliance, and the Risk Trends Dashboard to measure program performance company-wide.

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Risk Exposure Dashboard

The Risk Exposure Dashboard provides a company-wide view of suspicious file movement, sharing and exfiltration activities.

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A snapshot of the Incydr product dashboard showing the Risk Exposure Dashboard. This Dashboard highlights critical open alerts, top risky users and why they are risky, as well as what employee are departing and open cases.

The Risk Trends Dashboard is tailored for an executive audience who needs to report on the current state of IRM program efforts, and how that compares to months past.

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A snapshot of the Incydr product dashboard showing the Insider Risk Trends. This has a trend line graph displaying the amount of risk at the organization over the last month. It also breaks down which departments are putting the most data at risk, and which files are being exfiltrated the most.

Risk Exposure Dashboard

Monitor file exposure from people and places you don’t trust with the Risk Exposure Dashboard

Moving image that scrolls through Incydr's Risk Exposure Dashboard.
  • Audit unsanctioned file movement
    Detect files going to untrusted destinations, and review activity by exfiltration vector or file type.
  • Review highest risk users
    A userlist prioritized by critical events tells you exactly whose activity requires investigation, and why.
  • Know exfiltration vectors in use
    90-day historical visibility gives you an understanding of file movement trends by exfiltration method.
  • Pinpoint gaps in training and tools
    Uncover and address employee workarounds, corporate policy violations and improper file sharing.
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An Overview of Incydr’s Risk Prioritization Model

Want to see these Dashboards in action?

Get a tour of how Incydr’s dashboards make it easy to detect and measure data loss from insiders.

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Detect, investigate and respond to data exfiltration


Automate management workflows and get focused visibility into file activity for a subset of users who are more likely to put data at risk, such as departing employees.

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Forensic Search

Investigate event details and custom query a comprehensive, cloud-based index of activity metadata without putting strain on employee devices.

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Response Controls

Implement effective, automated responses to protect data without disrupting productivity or burdening security teams.

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