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Gain Full Visibility Into Untrusted File Movement

Icyndr offers various dashboards to help you easily identify open tasks, spot trends, reduce risks, track source code movements, and more.

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Action Items Dashboard

Effortlessly manage your to-do list with the Action Items dashboard. From here, you can view all open alerts, top users by critical activity, upcoming departures, unwatched security lessons, and open cases in one convenient location.

Exfiltration Dashboard

Explore the Exfiltration dashboard for a new perspective on data movement in your environment. Identify trends and reduce risk with informed decision-making.

The Trends dashboard is designed for an executive audience to easily track program progress and compare it to previous months.

Source Code Dashboard

Get context on source code movement with the Source Code dashboard, empowering analysts to swiftly pinpoint potential risks in their organization.

With Incydr’s dashboards, you will:

Get context for quick response

Quickly assess risky activities and receive recommendations from one convenient page for prompt action.

Uncover data visibility gaps

Eliminate data blindspots with Incydr’s dashboards for complete exfiltration visibility across your entire environment.

Detect source code leaks

Get in-depth information on unauthorized source code transfers and how to prevent them effectively.

Build a program that lasts

Measure and improve your data protection program to prove Incydr’s ROI to leadership teams.

Want to see these Dashboards in action?

Get a tour of how Incydr’s dashboards make it easy to detect and measure data loss from insiders.

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Easy-to-use capabilities that stop data leaks in their tracks


Automate management workflows and get focused visibility into file activity for a subset of users who are more likely to put data at risk, such as departing employees.

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Investigate event details and custom query a comprehensive, cloud-based index of activity metadata without putting strain on employee devices.

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Response Controls

Implement effective, automated responses to protect data without disrupting productivity or burdening security teams.

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Cost of Incydr is paid back in 6 months, according to Forrester TEI™ results

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