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Incydr Flows

Orchestrate Controls To Contain, Resolve And Educate On Detected Activity

Graphic displaying the different integrations Incydr Flows connect to contain, educate and resolve detected data movement.

How it works

Ensure response actions are right-sized to the severity of every event

Incydr Flows allow you to initiate a wide range of technical response controls using no-code automations between Incydr and existing systems in your security tech stack, such as IAM, PAM, EDR/XDR and MDM.

Moving image displaying how an Incydr Flow can automatically contain, resolve and educate on risky file movement.
  • Contain ongoing data leak
    Accelerate the time to remediate critical events at the user, network or device level to ensure no further data exposure takes place while your security team investigates.
  • Speed the time to resolution
    Reduce manual, repetitive and/or error-prone tasks by streamlining investigation and follow-up actions required of security, management, legal or HR team members.
  • Use education to mitigate future risk to data
    Reduce alert fatigue and drive secure work habits by sending relevant, bite-sized content to educate users, automatically triggered by their actions that put data at risk.

Incydr Response Controls


  • Conditional access controls
  • Stop local sync apps
  • Revoke access to sensitive safes/vaults
  • Disable USB ports
  • Lock device
  • Network contain the endpoint


  • User outreach through chat/email
  • Investigate and enforce compliance with data use policies
  • Schedule time to meet with the user
  • Request user attestation of data deletion/return


  • Deliver Code42 Instructor video lessons
  • Log who is sent what video lessons
  • Customize email templates to send to users
  • Reduce alerts over time by educating users on security best practices
White Paper

Incydr Controls for Right-Sized Response


Detect, investigate and respond to data exfiltration

Incydr Risk Indicators

Prioritize the risks that need immediate attention through contextual risk scoring based on file, vector and user characteristics and behaviors.

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Data Exposure Dashboard

Identify data exposure, training gaps, and non-compliance with corporate policy using a company-wide view of all untrusted file movement.

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Forensic Search

Investigate event details and custom query a comprehensive, cloud-based index of activity metadata without putting strain on employee devices.

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