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Incydr™ + Jira

Automate monitoring and Watchlist management for departing employees





Data Directionality

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How the integration works

Incydr integrates with Jira to automatically add a user to the departing employee Watchlist when a ticket is created for offboarding tasks. Providing Incydr with offboarding task information creates the ability to adjust prioritization and populate users in Watchlists

Key features

  • Watchlist management: Automatically add and remove users to Incydr’s watchlists to enhance monitoring
  • Risk prioritization: Increase event severity for high-risk users by automatically adjusting risk scores based on tickets
  • No-code workflows: Use API-based integrations to connect Incydr with Jira – these automations are managed by Code42
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Benefits of the integration

Speed to investigation

Have the context you need to speed decision-making during an investigation

User & file context

Increase or decrease the risk of users based on attributes that already exist in your Jira system

Eliminate manual work

Utilize your source of truth for employee offboarding to reduce error – this eliminates manual work and ensures data is protected

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