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Latest Data Protection Enhancements From Code42

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Code42 Product Benefits

Spend less time administrating
and more time protecting your data

Complete data visibility

Incydr has visibility into all data movement including cloud sharing, browser uploads, unstructured data & more.

Prioritize threats quickly

Focus your attention on untrusted data activity and see the actual file contents that were exfiltrated with Incydr.

Effective response controls

Preventative blocking, automated security education & more help correct user behavior without draining resources.

Incydr™ Product Release Summary

At Code42, we’re always working hard to improve our products and provide the best possible data protection for our customers. We’re excited to share with you some of the latest enhancements we’ve made to Incydr over the last few months.

Data Visibility

Enhanced source code exfiltration detection

See source code move to unsanctioned Git repositories
What is Git push detection?

Incydr now detects Git activity to accurately pinpoint source code exfiltration and speed security’s response times without impacting engineering team productivity.

How does it work?

Incydr detects and prioritizes data transfer to locations other than your sanctioned locations and then alerts security analysts. Alerts provide context security needs to take swift action through an appropriate response control. This capability is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and VDI environments.

What is the benefit?

For many organizations, source code is the most valuable intellectual property (IP), to which insiders – malicious or not – present the biggest risk. With Git push detection, security teams gain visibility into what unsanctioned Git activity is occurring, and can quickly respond when source code is going to an untrusted location – all while continuing to remain unobtrusive for development teams.

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Data Visibility

Incydr™ + Mimecast integration

Prevent data leak and theft via email, cloud, and endpoint
How does the integration work?

The Code42 Incydr and Mimecast integration provides you with visibility into risky user activities across web, email, cloud, and more, as well as the controls needed to quickly stop and remediate data leaks from these channels. Allow your organization to keep working, stop worrying, and continue collaborating – securely.

What is the benefit?

Incydr + Mimecast protect your data from phishing attempts and email exfiltration, whether intentional or unintentional. It ensures users can work productively without putting data at risk, and automates response actions to reduce effort for SecOps teams.

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Prioritize Threats

Automated trusted data activity suggestions

Easy configuration so you can focus on real risk
What qualifies as trusted vs. untrusted activity?

Incydr monitors for all file exposure – whether moved, shared, uploaded, attached – and determines whether that activity is trusted or not. Trusted activity is when files are sent to a person, device, or destination that remains within corporate control. Untrusted activity is when a file moves to a location that’s outside of the perimeter of your trusted people, devices, and destinations.

What are trust suggestions & how do they work?

Now, Incydr can review untrusted activity alerts and suggest activity to trust. Security users can either choose to trust the suggested item and exclude future activity on dashboards, user profiles, and alerts (which reduces every day noise), or they can choose to decline the suggestion and treat it as untrusted activity.

What is the benefit?

Effectively setting up your Incydr instance is critical to success. By suggesting places to improve trust in your system, you’ll save analyst time and company money.

What is Incydr Trust?

“Incydr is easy to implement, configure, and use!”

“Service and support has been excellent. Knowledge base documentation is well written and clear. It’s very easy to find what I need quickly. Information is presented in the dashboard in a very clear way, making things super easy to understand. Professional services has been very helpful.”

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