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Latest Data Protection Enhancements From Code42

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Code42 Product Benefits

Spend less time administrating
and more time protecting your data

Complete data visibility

Incydr has visibility into all data movement including cloud sharing, browser uploads, unstructured data & more.

Prioritize threats quickly

Focus your attention on untrusted data activity and see the actual file contents that were exfiltrated with Incydr.

Effective response controls

Preventative blocking, automated security education & more help correct user behavior without draining resources.

Incydr™ & Instructor™ Product Release Summary

At Code42, we’re always working hard to improve our products and provide the best possible data protection for our customers. We’re excited to share with you some of the latest enhancements we’ve made to Incydr & Instructor over the last few months.

Prioritize Threats

Surface unknown data risk with high quality alerts

Alerts with Incydr can now be easily created from data exfiltrations you didn’t know existed
What are Incydr’s risk recommendations?

Incydr now alerts on data exfiltrations you may not realize exist and recommends actions for monitoring going forward. And while Incydr comes with 250+ out-of-the-box Incydr Risk Indicators (IRIs) to help prioritize the severity of these alerts, you can also create your own custom IRIs based on file, source and destination.

How does it work?

Your employees may be Airdropping files containing sensitive information, sharing files to non-corporate Box accounts or any other number of risky behaviors you may have never thought about. Incydr will show you where to start, allow you to create a rule with 1 click and leverage your feedback to surface recommendations you actually care about.

What is the benefit?

This surfaces unknown risk for security teams without putting extra work on their team. It also supports protecting your unique repositories of regulated and sensitive data.

Preventative Response

Real-time blocking with Incydr

Prevent your highest-risk users from sending data to untrusted destinations
What is Incydr blocking?

In addition to Code42’s other response tools, Incydr has user-based tools to block unacceptable data movement from your riskiest users without the management burden, inaccuracy, and endpoint impact of content-based policies.

How does it work?

Once a specific use has been identified as high-risk, Incydr blocks mounting of removable media, external cloud file sharing and file uploads within web browsers (including Talon and Island) to untrusted locations for that user. The supporting graphic here showcases the destinations that Incydr can block exfiltrations to.

What is the benefit?

Real-time blocking rounds out Incydr’s response strategy, offering customers a wide range of controls to respond to any data risk – from mistake to threat. Real-time blocking is ideal for stopping data leaks from departing employees, repeat offenders and contractors, as well as supporting your security and compliance frameworks.

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Data Visibility

Enhanced source code exfiltration detection

See source code move to unsanctioned Git repositories
What is Git push detection?

Incydr now detects Git activity to accurately pinpoint source code exfiltration and speed security’s response times without impacting engineering team productivity.

How does it work?

Incydr detects and prioritizes data transfer to locations other than your sanctioned locations and then alerts security analysts. Alerts provide context security needs to take swift action through an appropriate response control. This capability is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and VDI environments.

What is the benefit?

For many organizations, source code is the most valuable intellectual property (IP), to which insiders – malicious or not – present the biggest risk. With Git push detection, security teams gain visibility into what unsanctioned Git activity is occurring, and can quickly respond when source code is going to an untrusted location – all while continuing to remain unobtrusive for development teams.

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Educational Response

Incydr & Instructor integration

Respond to user mistakes by sending Instructor security lessons directly from Incydr
What is the Incydr & Instructor integration?

Using Code42 Incydr and Instructor in tandem allows security, compliance and education teams to immediately send corrective lessons triggered by employee actions that create risk for the business.

How does it work?

When Incydr flags file movement to an untrusted location, like an unauthorized cloud application, a Instructor micro-learning solution video specifically explaining the correct activity is sent to educate the employee in real-time.

What is the benefit?

Templated security communications and the ability to send within Incydr allows analysts to scale and save time when it comes to low and moderate alerts, which are often accidental, and for which education is the appropriate response. With this approach, security teams can spend more time on higher severity events that present an increased risk to the business while still providing a hands-on, human experience for their colleagues.

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“Incydr is easy to implement, configure, and use!”

“Service and support has been excellent. Knowledge base documentation is well written and clear. It’s very easy to find what I need quickly. Information is presented in the dashboard in a very clear way, making things super easy to understand. Professional services has been very helpful.”

Gartner Review Jun 3, 2021

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