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“Through one holistic view, File Forensic Search gives us near real-time visibility to where data lives and moves across all endpoints. We sped up our time-to-response for a wide range of cyber threats. It’s a game changer for security professionals.”

Mark Ruchie

“If it wasn’t for the Code42 ability to actually see the files, we wouldn’t really understand what the person is doing… It provides us both speed and thoroughness of investigations.” View video

Tim Briggs
Incident Response Analyst

“Code42 gives me a complete view of everything that happens to our data, including … vulnerable endpoints such as PCs and laptops. And if people upload to the cloud, we can see what they took and with whom they shared it.”

David Chiang
IT Systems Engineer

“We're focused on differentiating ourselves through high-quality care, and part of that involves caring for people's data. Code42 does just that. It takes our security compliance to a whole new level.” Read case study

Andrew Jarrett
Manager of Desktop Equipment Services

“I have peace of mind that company data is being backed up to help prevent data loss and increase employee productivity in the event data loss occurs.”

Jenn Britton
Systems Administrator

“Our data security needs have expanded significantly in recent years due to acquisitions. It's important to our business that the data security programs we deploy make it easy to protect our intellectual property portfolio as it grows.”

Jeff Zuniga
Senior IT Operations Manager at Flow International

“In the event of a data breach, Code42 helps us assess our exposure...We believe this is critical to complying with the GDPR.” Read case study

Rob Janssen
Manager of Global Infrastructure and QRC

“One of the biggest benefits of having Code42 is the fact that we’re no longer at risk of data loss, which leads to lost time, money, and faith in our company.” Read case study

Eddie Anderson
IT Service Desk Technician

“In support of our campus wide digital transformation effort, Cornell has been on the bleeding edge and early adopter of Code42's cloud offering. Since we deployed, we have seen valuable client upgrades, new features, and most of all exceptional responsiveness from Code42.”

Bob Talda
System Engineer IV

“One of our remote employees had a complete computer crash that required a complete reinstall of the operating system. Fortunately, her data was backed up with Code42, and we were able to quickly restore all her files.” View video

Andrew Williams
System Engineer-Client Device Specialist

“Code42 is easy to set up and integrate with a corporate network, and provides same-day support on any issue that I bring up to them.”

Wes Phoenix
Technical Lead Support Specialist

“From the beginning, Code42 has been a great partner and helped customize a complex deployment for our company to protect our endpoint data.”

Melanie Masterson
Threat Response Engineer

“Our deployment happened on a very tight timeline and was executed without a hitch. We’re so pleased with the deployment that we’re discussing how to leverage the other benefits the backup and recovery solution has to offer.”

Scott Rabjohn
Systems Analyst

“Code42 is scalable and reliable, and gives our IT staff and users total confidence that vital, confidential data is safe.” Read case study

Jeff Hiner
System Administrator

“Code42 is completely automatic, it’s rock-solid, and it gives IT the transparency and ease of use that is critical for ensuring complete data protection.”

Brian Anderson
IT Director

“Code42 is a very easy-to-use solution. The fact that we can actually handle device migrations ourselves with minimal grief and resources is a great benefit.” Watch video
Read case study

Christian Kallqvist
Country IT Manager

“It has been one of the easiest deployments we've ever had to manage. The upgrades are quite simple as well. We now have a solid platform for protecting and controlling our users' data.”

Ken Bailey
Senior Desktop Engineer

“OneDrive is a great tool for collaboration and sharing, but it’s no replacement for true backup. With Code42, we’re always protected— and that gives us peace of mind.” Read case study

Cliff Goeke
IT Manager

“Every time I’ve been in contact with anyone at Code42 over the past 6 years, I have been thoroughly impressed and satisfied with their courtesy, professionalism, and helpfulness. Whenever I need to point out a model of excellent customer service, I direct people to Code42.”

Fred Haydon
System Administrator

“It has given our users control over their data, and they like that IT was considering their needs.”

Mike Greco
IT Manager

“We have used Code42 to ensure data security and safety for current employees, and to access data from employees who are no longer with the company.”

Wylie Hartwell
Senior Manager, End User IT Support

“With Code42, in the event of a crisis, we have a way to go in and restore to another device. It’s a non-event. Before that, it was catastrophic.”

Kevin Cecil
Application Specialist

“We’ve saved more in time and money by setting up and administering Code42 than we would have trying to reconstruct data stored on laptops that were lost, stolen or damaged beyond repair.”

Travis Brown
IT Director

“When a consultant’s laptop dies, they lost it, or physical damage occurs accidentally, they’re in panic mode. When we tell them we’ve got Code42 and everything is backed up as of 15 minutes ago, they can’t believe it. Code42 has saved us on many occasions and has made a huge difference to our organization.” Read case study

Lincoln Higdon
IT Director

“One thing that we learned the hard way is that Google Drive syncs and shares the deletion. With Code42 we are able to go back to a previous day and restore all of the deleted files.” Watch video

Naazer Ashraf
Senior Computing Consultant

“With Code42’s secure, continuous backup, my staff can go about their jobs knowing all of their information is protected. This approach to data security provides us a necessary and important safety net, which is required in our environment.”

Jason Conklin
IT Service Desk Coordinator

“Code42 allows us to sleep easy at night knowing that wherever our team is, Code42 always has their data backed up – including unlimited versions of all files.”

Douglas Manness
Information Technology Specialist

“Code42 has saved our IT staff countless hours restoring files and migrating data during device upgrades. I’m excited to expand our use of Code42, knowing that the move to cloud will save even more time and reduce long-term costs.”

Ravi Ravishanker

Join more than 50,000 organizations using Code42

Get faster detection and response to data loss caused by insider threats.