Join over 47,000 world-class organizations using Code42

“I have peace of mind that company data is being backed up to help prevent data loss and increase employee productivity in the event data loss occurs.”

Jenn Britton
Systems Administrator

“Code42 is easy to set up and integrate with a corporate network, and provides same-day support on any issue that I bring up to them.”

Wes Phoenix
Technical Lead Support Specialist

“From the beginning, Code42 has been a great partner and helped customize a complex deployment for our company to protect our endpoint data.”

Melanie Masterson
Threat Response Engineer

“Code42 is scalable and reliable, and gives our IT staff and users total confidence that vital, confidential data is safe.”

Jeff Hiner
System Administrator

“Code42 is completely automatic, it’s rock-solid, and it gives IT the transparency and ease of use that is critical for ensuring complete data protection.”

Brian Anderson
IT Director

“With Code42, we have total confidence that all user data is safe. We don’t need to worry that users will be left dead in the water if a device crashes, or malware or ransomware hits.”

Dennis Magbata
Desktop Systems Supervisor

“It has been one of the easiest deployments we've ever had to manage. The upgrades are quite simple as well. We now have a solid platform for protecting and controlling our users' data.”

Ken Bailey
Senior Desktop Engineer

“Code42's endpoint backup solution gives our users complete confidence that their vital data is always safe and available.”

Aaron Michalove
Information Systems Director

“Every time I’ve been in contact with anyone at Code42 over the past 6 years, I have been thoroughly impressed and satisfied with their courtesy, professionalism, and helpfulness. Whenever I need to point out a model of excellent customer service, I direct people to Code42.”

Fred Haydon
System Administrator

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Join over 47,000 world-class organizations using Code42

Automatically and continuously protect all user data to provide security teams excellent visibility and save IT a ton of time.