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Case Study

Certinia Uses Code42 Incydr to Protect Data from Top Exfiltration Risks

An insider threat program built on the right combination of strategy and technologies.

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Protecting data from departing employees and third parties

On an annual basis, the Certinia security team conducts an executive information security risk assessment to align team priorities with business objectives and identify the most pressing risks in the organization. Based on this assessment, Aaron Momin, CSO at Certinia (previously known as FinancialForce), determined that data leaking by departing employees, to competitors or to third parties was a significant security risk with the potential to cause major business impact. The security team needed to deploy and integrate the right technology and establish repeatable workflows to mitigate insider risk in these high-risk situations.


The need for speed & reducing alert fatigue

To effectively protect data from insider risk, and meet executive expectations, Certinia needed the ability to quickly detect and respond when critical insider risk events occur. To save them time, and decrease alert fatigue, Momin knew they needed a solution that could prioritize the risk that matters most and provide flexible ways to automate response. “For our security team, speed to response is critical. It’s not about boiling the ocean, but mitigating the top risks against the company — and prioritizing our efforts,” says Momin.

  1. Solve top use cases like protecting data from departing employees, competitors and third parties
  2. Protect the data that matters most including source code, IP and customer data
  3. Solution that quickly prioritizes alerts that matter most without contributing to alert fatigue

Why Incydr was the right solution for Certinia

Through his tenure in data security, Momin knows that data is always changing, meanwhile threat actors, business transactions and workflows are always evolving. This dynamic means that it is essential to have a solution that can provide continuous visibility into risk exposure. As Momin and his team looked further into solving these complexities they discovered Code42 Incydr™ provided the best solution for Certinia to manage insider risk.

  • Accelerate response by correlating Incydr IRIs and alerts with other security telemetry in their integrated user risk-scoring engine
  • Save time by automating previously manual processes to protect data during employee departures and other high-risk times
  • Secure corporate data by closing insider risk posture gaps with a holistic IRM solution

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worth of deleted files helped disprove lawsuit accusations – thanks to Incydr.