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Case Study

Snap Finance Uses an Incydr & Wrike Context Flow to Protect Data During Employee Departure

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Understanding data movement to protect confidential information and IP

Snap Finance is a growing FinTech company with a remote workforce across multiple countries. As they grew globally, without a physical perimeter, they realized they needed better visibility into data movement between users, applications and devices in their environment. Without it, they may not know if confidential information or intellectual property were exfiltrated, especially during employee offboarding. With a focus on protecting both their competitive advantage and customer trust, the Snap Finance team began looking for a solution to get a better understanding of their environment and speed up their response to potential exfiltration events.


Process Automation and Increased Visibility with Incydr 

Prior to using Incydr to protect their data, Snap Finance needed a way to mitigate the impact of data loss when an employee left the organization. Now, Incydr’s Departing Employee Lens works seamlessly through an Incydr Flow with Wrike (their project management system). First, Human Resources puts a notice in Wrike that an employee is departing. Incydr then receives this information from Wrike and automatically adds the employee into the Departing Employee Lens, ensuring that all activity moving forward will be labeled with a “Departing Employee” Incydr Risk Indicator (IRI). Snap Finance security analysts can then review prioritized file exfiltration activities and quickly take a right-sized response. The workflow even takes into account the different employment laws and privacy considerations of the specific country in which the departing employee resides.


Enacting a Right-Sized Response During Employee Departures

By automating their departing employee process with the Incydr + Wrike Flow, Snap Finance has been able to catch and quickly initiate a right-sized response to instances of exfiltration during employee departures. This allows them to mitigate the risk of critical IP leaving the organization without their knowledge. They now have an understanding of their environment and what normal vs. risky behavior truly looks like. Today, Snap Finance is well-prepared to not only protect their organization’s crown jewels but also their customers’ data, preserving trust and allowing them to retain their competitive edge.

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