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Live Insider Risk Discussions

Over the past year at Code42, we’ve been trying to firmly grab-ahold of Insider Risk Management (what many could be forgiven for thinking is the third-rail of information security). We released our data risk detection and response solution Incydr, we announced the IRM Framework, we wrote a book on it, and now we’re going to talk with the security community about what it takes to tackle this problem. 

We believe a fundamental shift is necessary in the way that organizations think about the risk posed by people within their organizations. Part of this shift will lead to approaching the problem differently. Insider Risk isn’t the result of a few bad users – that’s insider threat. Insider Risk just happens as the result of “the way we work”. Put simply, the case we’re making is:

People aren’t the problem. Bad processes, wrong technology, lack of enablement and misaligned initiatives are the problem.

We have come to the point where we need some help. We need backup. We need other people who understand that it isn’t helpful to keep trying to solve the “insider problem” the same way that’s consistently failing.

So what are we doing about it?

It’s called Code42 Live.

We’re hosting hour-ish long live streams on LinkedIn Live, YouTube Live and a dedicated Code42 Live page. Code42 Live is open to anyone interested in learning more about the problem of Insider Risk and/or how to manage it. The sessions will be moderated by me, Riley Bruce, and feature panels of infosec thought leaders across a variety of consultancies, vendors and disciplines.

See our upcoming Code42 Live Sessions

We’ll start out each session organized around one particular topic or question related to Insider Risk. The panelists will give advice, suggestions and tell stories of interest to the nascent Insider Risk Community. Anyone who joins the stream will be able to ask questions or offer comments and potshots. We’ll attempt to address as many of them live in the session as possible.

We’ll do the same thing a couple weeks later with new panelists.

Then a couple of weeks after that, ad infinitum until the comments section runs dry or we all get bored and decide to move to a different medium.

So, if that seems:

  • interesting
  • useful to your work
  • like a glorious train wreck to behold
  • all of the above

Then come join our gang of problem solvers – our first meeting is on May 11th, at 10:00PT/13:00ET. We’ll be talking about “How to improve your Insider Risk posture through context” with Greg Martin from Sumo Logic. Bring your questions and maybe a couple of friends.

Check out the upcoming Code42 Live Events

Latest Recording:

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