The potential for data leaks has never been greater.

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Don't let the inside be your blind side:


of breaches involved insider threats


is the jump in insider threats from 2018 to 2020

$11 million

is the average cost of an insider threat incident

Introducing Inside Jobs: Why Insider Risk Is the Biggest Cyber Threat You Can’t Ignore — the new book from Code42’s Insider Risk experts Joe Payne, Jadee Hanson and Mark Wojtasiak.

The book shines a light on Insider Risk — what’s driving it and what you can do to keep your workforce productive and your data safe. It offers Insider Risk Frameworks that will secure your collaboration culture. Request a copy today.


About the authors from Code42:


Joe Payne, President and CEO

With more than twenty years of experience as a CEO, Joe has a proven track record leading high growth security and technology companies. Previously, Joe served as CEO of eSecurity, Eloqua, and eGrail, and as president of iDefense. He has led some of the world’s best security researchers and worked with top US government agencies to improve their risk profiles.


Jadee Hanson, CISO and CIO

Jadee has more than sixteen years of information security experience and a proven track record of building IT and security programs. Prior to Code42, she held a number of senior leadership roles in security at Target Corporation and Deloitte. Jadee is also the founder of the non-profit organization Building Without Borders.

Mark Wojtasiak - Vice President of Portfolio Marketing at Code42

Mark Wojtasiak, VP of Portfolio & Product Marketing

Mark has more than twenty years of B2B data storage, cloud, and security experience. He previously worked at Seagate for ten years, where he held a number of senior strategy roles in global marketing and product management, as well as served in marketing leadership at Now Micro.

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Released on September 29, 2020

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