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The Hidden Security Costs of Employee Turnover

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The largest hidden cost of employee turnover that your HR team may be missing is the cost to your business when a departing employee takes the company’s intellectual property (IP) with them. This white paper offers a few tools to minimize these incidents, starting with your employee onboarding and offboarding.


In The Hidden Security Costs of Employee Turnover white paper, you’ll gain valuable insight into a growing concern for every organization — why data security should be a company-wide concern. Employee turnover risk extends beyond losing a good employee. When a departing employee leaves with files containing your intellectual property or trade secrets, it can pose a significant risk to your competitive edge and possibly even your bottom line. This is called Insider Risk.


Insider Risk is the hidden cost of employee turnover. Many departing employees move data to where it doesn’t belong when they are in the process of preparing to leave an organization. They copy, email or upload files that should remain in the confines of your organization. Use this white paper to understand the security costs from insider risk and mount a strong security turnover program.


Read the security white paper to learn about the hidden costs of employee turnover.