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Technical Requirements and Integrations for an Insider Risk Management Strategy

An overview of technical requirements and integrations for an Insider Risk Management (IRM) strategy using Incydr.

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Code42’s guide to architecting an Insider Risk Management system

This is a technical overview written for security architects and security developers interested in rethinking the functionalities and capabilities required to protect their organizations from data leakages, losses and theft from insiders. Through people, process and technology requirements, Code42’s Insider Risk Management framework provides a practical guide for deterring Insider Risk without disrupting legitimate business. This guide is focused specifically on the technical requirements of an IRM solution and challenges with technology built on outdated approaches.


Topics covered in this guide:

  • Why alternative approaches like DLP, CASB and UEBA increasingly fail
  • The five technical requirements of Code42’s Insider Risk Management framework
  • Architectural considerations for optimizing an IRM ecosystem