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Talk the Talk: What Non-Security Stakeholders Need to Know About Security

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It’s easy for non-security stakeholders to overlook security best practices in their day-to-day job. But in reality, security (or the lack of it) affects every department, and we should all know how to be security evangelists in our organization. From legal to product to HR, this white paper will provide the security fundamentals your department should care about.


More about this white paper:

In the Talk the Talk: What Non-Security Stakeholders Need to Know About Security white paper, you’ll learn why non-security employees should be just as invested in protecting your organization’s intellectual property and trade secrets as security-focused employees. Everyone in the organization needs access to data to be productive and grow the bottom line. Especially as more employees work remotely and collaborate with cloud-based tools.

Yet, with greater access to data comes increased Insider Risk. All non-security employees should be stakeholders in cyber security and that comes with awareness of how their actions in accessing and moving data increase Insider Risk. Use this cyber security communications guide to help employees all across your organization understand they need security to reduce the potential for Insider Risk.

Dive in to the Talk the Talk white paper to get those conversations started.


About the Author

As Chief Technology Officer, Rob leads our software development and delivery teams. He brings more than 20 years of security, cloud, virtualization, mobile and IT management experience to Code42. Although Rob grew up as a hacker, he’s happy to be on the “good side,” working alongside many CIO’s/CISO's of Fortune 500 companies to ensure their networks and users are secure.

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