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5 Ways Incydr™ Meets Insider Risk Management Requirements


Data at your company is being put at risk just as a result of people doing their jobs. Files are being shared, synced, fleeted or flung to the ends of the internet faster than ever. That's called working at the speed of collaboration. To manage this risk, you need an Insider Risk Management program to identify, define and prioritize risk, automate response, and most importantly, improve your Insider Risk posture. 


Code42 Incydr™ is purpose-built to meet the technical requirements of the Insider Risk Management framework. It keeps your data secure without getting in the way. Incydr starts by identifying all file activity throughout your environment to give you a complete picture of your exposure across cloud applications, AirDrop, web browsers, USB and more. This simple platform-agnostic approach allows you to know when files are moving and where they're going.


Every business weights collaborative workflows versus data risk differently. So defining risk tolerance is integral to successful Insider Risk Management. Incydr sees all file activity but is smart enough to weed out trusted behaviors from those that actually represent risk – unnecessary alerts are noise. You need to know the risks that matter most. Incydr has built-in Insider Risk Indicators derived from file, vector and user activity. These are used to prioritize the things that need a closer look. This means that you'll get the signal, hold the noise.


Incydr gives you rich context and streamlined workflows to speed decision-making and response. You can automate a wide range of actions, from DMs with more info to alternating a user's access privileges. There's no one-size-fits-all response to Insider Risk, but Incydr gives you the information and tools you need to address it. All of this helps you improve your risk posture. Not just by stopping files from going where they shouldn't, but by creating a more security-aware culture – all without compromising the safety of data or the speed of innovation.


Code42 Incydr – your purpose-built solution to manage Insider Risk with simplicity, signal and speed.