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Intro to Code42 Incydr

As a security leader, you understand the risk of insider threats. That one incident can damage your business, competitive edge and cost you millions. What's worse? These real threats are being lost in the noise of growing collaboration.

You're already stretched thin, and don't have the resources to keep up while also protecting your organization from external attacks. What do you do? Keep throwing resources at it or simply accept the risk?

There's a better option. Code42 Incydr offers an easy and effective way to protect your company's data from both malicious and mistakes, all while ensuring collaboration thrives. We'll detect when data theft takes place across endpoints and cloud on day one, without policy setup by utilizing context, such as where the files came from, where they're going, who's moving them and when. Then you will tailor your response to the offender and the offense, so you can correct mistakes, block unacceptable activity, and contain and insider threats. Gaining control over data won't create friction either. Incydr allies the business with security to protect your IP – without disrupting collaboration or treating everyone like a threat. Its user-friendly, cross-platform agent and thirty plus integrations makes deployment as smooth as cruising at warp speed.

Stopping data leak and theft is possible and doesn't have to be so hard. See for yourself how to stop data loss from insiders without getting in the way of employee work.