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Code42 Incydr™ Product Overview


Employees are working at all hours from all places with Zoom, Box and Slack, trying to get things done. Data is flowing in and out of your organization every second – roadmaps, customer lists, source code – data that matters, data you can't afford to be leaked. And your team is working tirelessly to keep that data secure without sacrificing the productivity of your organization.


But there's always a trade-off. Data protection methods built for compliance can block legitimate work. And overly intrusive surveillance built to watch users, whether they're malicious or more often not, does little to protect what matters most: your data. To keep your organization safe, you need an approach that allows you to mitigate data exposure and exfiltration without slowing work down.


Introducing Code42 Incydr. Data risk detection and response built to surface the activity that's truly risky so that you can prioritize protecting critical IP from leaving your organization. Deploying in days, Incydr catalogs data events across your entire ecosystem, from endpoint devices and printed files to cloud apps and email accounts. Incydr integrates with security tools in your stack and other tech your organization uses to give you a clear, prioritized view of data risk for your entire organization or specific users. By surfacing the riskiest activity, like intentionally obfuscated files or critical IP moving to personal accounts, Incydr helps you focus on the events that actually require your attention instead of just alerting you every time a file is moved. When activity seems suspicious, Incydr enriches detected insider threats with context on the file, vector and user, allowing security teams to take an informed and right-sized response.


Work has changed, and it's time for data protection to change too. Because when it comes to protecting critical IP from leaving your organization, every second counts.