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Forrester Study: Balancing Employee Experience and Insider Threat Security

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Forrester predicts there will continue to be a breakthrough for insider threat incidents. In order to build a successful insider threat program, organizations need to take into consideration employee privacy, company culture and local standards for lawful, fair and acceptable labor practices.

Key findings in this report:

  • Put people first to advance your insider threat program
  • Insider threat programs must coexist with employee privacy requirements because employee privacy is a strategic component of robust employee experience
  • Make your insider threat program fit within the overall security program — this should include not burdening employee productivity
  • The collaboration culture is a security culture; take the focus off of users and focus on file behavior

More about this report:

In this 2020 Forrester Insider Threat Report, you’ll learn how successful organizations put people first when addressing Insider Risk. Striking the right balance between protecting your data and allowing employees to work and collaborate without technology roadblocks is more important than ever. With remote work now the norm, employees have more choice than ever in employers and want technology that allows them to be their most productive.

Yet Insider Risk continues to plague organizations and concerns around preventing data loss are priorities for security teams. This Forrester report highlights the importance of employee experience and provides insights on how to strengthen Insider Risk detection and response to insider threat while delivering a work experience that attracts and retains employees.

Take a look at this insider threat report to strike the right balance between preventing data loss and creating a positive employee experience.