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2019 Data Exposure Report

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Insider Threats Are Security's New Reality

Information security leaders know their data is at risk. While traditional prevention solutions are widespread, these solutions aren’t proving effective in protecting valuable data, such as customer lists and source code. The 2019 Data Exposure Report surveyed information security leaders and business decision-makers to examine the role of employee actions in causing insider threats.


Key findings in this report:

  • 69% of organizations say they were breached due to an insider threat and confirmed they had a prevention solution in place at the time of the breach
  • Of the 38% of companies that admitted to experiencing a data breach in the previous 18 months, half cited employee actions as the cause
  • 78% of information security leaders believe that prevention strategies and solutions are not enough to stop insider threats

More about this report

In the 2019 Data Exposure Report on insider threat, you’ll learn important information that can help you mitigate data leak exposure in your organization. As security exposure continues to be a concern due to growing Insider Risk, you’ll gain valuable insights from your peers that can be put to work to combat data exposure no matter your company size.

Insider Risk is no small matter. And no matter how much you believe your employees are trustworthy, Insider Risk happens all the time. Sometimes intentionally, sometimes inadvertently. Stay on top of Insider Risk and reduce security exposure with this information that is both informative and actionable. This Data Exposure Report delivers the insight you need to better understand Insider Risk and take action to protect your valuable business data.

Download this exposure report to begin your journey toward better data protection. Or, check out our 2020 Data Exposure Report on why cloud-based collaboration technologies and workforce turnover have become major drivers of data exfiltration.