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Code42 Releases Insider Risk Management Program Launchpad to Accelerate Program Buildout

Minneapolis, MN —

Code42 Software, Inc., the Insider Risk Management (IRM) leader, today announced the release of its IRM Program Launchpad, a self-paced training offering designed exclusively for Code42 customers to help launch and mature their IRM program, increase program effectiveness, and maximize program ROI without extra legwork.

Building an effective data protection program can be challenging for security teams strapped for time and resources. Working with few FTEs, teams often leverage cybersecurity tools without adopting an integrated approach that addresses the human elements and the organizational processes crucial to success. This can create potentially damaging cybersecurity gaps.

The IRM Program Launchpad provides Code42 customers access to a range of training modules, tools, and templates to help stop data loss from insiders. The resources help customers address hurdles to maintaining an effective IRM program, such as: 

  • Where to start when creating an IRM program 
  • How to win over stakeholders 
  • How to communicate stakeholders' roles in organizational data protection
  • How to maintain employee privacy
  • How to communicate expectations to employees
  • How to perform effective investigation and response

“We are committed to setting our customers up for success,” said Vijay Ramanathan, Senior Vice President of Ecosystem, Education, and Expert Services at Code42. “Integrating processes, people, and tech can be overwhelming for security teams, so our IRM Program Launchpad makes it simple for security teams to protect critical organizational data efficiently. We’ve done the hard work of thinking through the challenges and putting together best practices so that our customers can hit the ground running and start getting value faster. No other data protection solution provider offers this type of training program.”   

Combined with the IRM Program Launchpad, the Code42 Incydr data protection solution helps security teams quickly identify and remediate data exfiltration events. The solution allows security teams to easily adjust their response to different severities of unacceptable user activity. With Incydr data protection, customers can automatically send tailored micro-trainings to correct employee mistakes in real time, contain insider threats, and speed investigations via integrated controls with EDR and IAM products, case management, and access to file contents. This helps organizations drive down data loss, leak, and theft while protecting their intellectual property and customer data.


Code42 IRM Program Launchpad is currently available to all Code42 customers.

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