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Code42 Enhances Its Solution to Deliver Effective, Low-Lift Response to the Full Spectrum of Insider Risk

Minneapolis —

Now expands delivery of Code42 Instructor™ Risk Reduction Training to Microsoft Teams

Code42 Software, Inc., the Insider Risk Management (IRM) leader, today announced that it is offering a complete set of response controls to allow security teams to respond to all levels of risk, ranging from unacceptable high risk that must be blocked to the most prevalent user mistakes that require correction. Instructor delivers actionable, hyper-targeted lessons to employees engaging in risky behavior, helping to increase data security, while freeing up time for security analysts to focus on higher risk events. Code42 Instructor now offers over 100 lessons and delivers training videos through Microsoft Teams, Slack and email. 

Data loss from insiders is a growing concern for organizations. In 2023, companies reported a 32% increase year-over-year in the number of insider events, equating to an average of 300 events per company, per year. And it’s not slowing down, as 76% of companies expect data loss from insider events to increase in the next 12 months. This growing issue will only create more work for security teams who are already stretched thin. 

An organization’s response strategy is one of the most critical components to successfully stopping data loss from insiders. Yet, traditional data protection tools have provided limited controls which force security teams into binary monitor or block tradeoffs that drain security time and encourage user workarounds. Security teams need ways to manage the full spectrum of risk without disrupting employees or burdening analysts. This requires deploying a wide range of response controls – training, blocking, and containment – and right-sizing them to the severity of risk. 

The largest volume of security events are low-risk user mistakes. These mistakes steal a significant amount of time from security teams – time that would be better spent on higher risk events. Enter Code42 Instructor Insider Risk Reduction Training.

“Insider Risk is one of the most challenging threats to detect and prevent, partially because it involves our colleagues and peers. External threats are always malicious. Internal events can be malicious, but they can also be accidental or careless behavior,” said Joe Payne, CEO of Code42. “Education is key to mitigating these risks and Code42 Instructor provides employees with just-in-time security best practices to change behavior and minimize mistakes. Seeing results from this type of training isn’t just a pipe dream. It’s making a measurable difference for our customers. Since leveraging Instructor over the past three months, one of our customers has seen a 13% reduction in untrusted Google Drive and Gmail events and a 36% reduction in low and moderate Insider Risk activity overall.”  

When used in tandem, Code42 Incydr and Code42 Instructor reduce the volume of risk events and ease the burden on security analysts by enabling teams to:

  • Automatically send tailored microtrainings to correct employee mistakes as they occur. 
  • Contain insider threats and speed investigations via integrated controls, case management and access to file contents.
  • Block unacceptable data movement without the management burden, inaccuracy and endpoint impact of content-based policies.

Together, Code42 Incydr and Code42 Instructor enable security teams to effectively manage the dynamic nature of Insider Risk by prioritizing and responding appropriately to the risks that matter the most. 

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