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Technology integration

Incydr™ + LogRhythm

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Gain actionable intelligence through context-rich alerts

Incydr integrates with LogRhythm to send prioritized alerts, audit log, file exposure and device health information to custom dashboards for a detailed investigation in Incydr.

Incydr’s insider risk detection watchlists surface insights for subsets of users more likely to put data at risk, such as users with access to proprietary information or departing employees. Ingesting this data into LogRhythm provides security teams with actionable insights that can be applied to existing SOC workflows to substantiate insider threat investigations and speed response.

Benefits of the Incydr + LogRhythm integration

Manage Insider Risk throughout the employee lifecycle and across users more likely to put data at risk.

Reduce complexity by applying Incydr file and exfiltration event information into LogRhythm dashboards or AI Engine alerts.

Speed response to insider threat incidents with actionable insights to substantiate investigations.

Integration features

File telemetry information

Ingest file telemetry information from Incydr into existing LogRhythm workflows for triage and any additional investigation in Incydr.

Custom dashboards

Create custom dashboards within LogRhythm using Incydr data — with the ability to tailor queries based on file, vector or user (i.e., only files that have been uploaded via a browser).

Actionable insights

Deliver new file and exposure data into LogRhythm, using Common Event Format (CEF).

Prioritized risk detection

Accelerate response to threats identified by Incydr by using machine data intelligence provided by the LogRhythm NextGen SIEM Platform.

Insider Risk workflows

Leverage Incydr to establish insider threat processes and maximize the potential of your existing security investments.


Ingest Incydr data into LogRhythm for actionable insights and triage of top-priority insider threats and begin your investigation in Incydr

Security teams have underdeveloped or non-existent processes in place to detect and respond to insider threats or data exfiltration.


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In under four minutes, our product demo provides a walk through of the SaaS solution to show how Incydr can stop data exfiltration before damage is done.

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