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Introducing Incydr Flows, powered by Tines: Automations to Reduce Security’s Workload

In today’s economic climate, security teams are under pressure to do more with less. They don’t have enough staff, which makes automation technologies extra critical. According to Tines’ Voice of the SOC Analyst, 66% of analysts believe that half to all of their tasks could be automated today, with 60% stating that “spending time on manual work like tracking down alerts” is the most frustrating aspect of their job, meaning that security teams are spending time doing tedious, manual work instead of focusing on other security events. The problem is: not every security team can afford no-code automation tools – at least not until they’ve proven the value with a few key use cases.

That’s where Code42 and Tines come in. Code42 and Tines have partnered together to release Incydr Flows, powered by Tines. These no-code automations allow security teams to initiate a wide range of actions between Code42 Incydr and other systems in their tech stacks, such as IAM, PAM, ITSM and EDR/XDR. This will allow you to:

  • Automate monitoring for new and departing employees
  • Quarantine endpoints during active insider threat investigations
  • Remove employee access to systems and
  • Triage alerts using ticketing and messaging systems

Incydr Flows, powered by Tines will be embedded into the Incydr solution and won’t require a separate purchase of Tines. It will enable organizations to accelerate response times to remediate critical events, reduce manual and repetitive tasks, and simplify processes that rely on multiple teams. This integration is a game-changer for security teams who are stretched thin yet need to tackle the costly problem of data loss, leak, and theft.

Incydr Flows, powered by Tines will be available this fall. 

In the meantime, learn more about Incydr, Tines, and Incydr Flows.

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