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TechNOLOGY INtegration

Incydr™ + CrowdStrike

Contain data risk in response to insider threats





Data Directionality

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How the integration works

When Incydr detects unusual and high-severity activity, it surfaces it for investigation and potential escalation to business stakeholders. It also equips you with controls to correct and contain risk. You can prevent the user from taking further risky action while you investigate by isolating their device using CrowdStrike. This allows you to prevent further exfiltration during insider threat investigations.

Key features

  • Exfiltration detection: Incydr detects and prioritizes risk to data and triggers response via CrowdStrike
  • Network quarantine: CrowdStrike ensures the user’s endpoint is no longer able to communicate with the internet
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Benefits of the integration

Detect insider threat

Effectively surface the insider threat events that require investigation

Contain data risk

Prevent the user from taking further risky action while you investigate

Save security time

Speed response and eliminate manual effort by automating the device isolation in response to critical severity events

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