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TechNOLOGY INtegration

Incydr™ + Cortex XSOAR

Surface risk to data and accelerate response to insider threats





Data Directionality

Out of Incydr

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How the integration works

This integrated offering combines the visibility and context of Code42 Incydr – including its library of hundreds of Risk Indicators used to prioritize risk – with Cortex XSOAR’s comprehensive security orchestration platform to enable security teams to scale, standardize and automate their insider threat processes.

Key features

  • Automate workflows: Pre-built playbooks triggered by Incydr alerts help you to automate incident response activity
  • Manage departing employees: Use Cortex XSOAR to add or remove employees from Incydr Watchlists
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Benefits of the integration

Streamline work

Streamline alerts and automate workflows to reduce the time it takes to detect and respond to data risk events

Faster investigation

Quickly investigate file exposure or exfiltration across endpoints, email, cloud and SaaS apps – without leaving Cortex XSOAR

Increased productivity

Close incident tickets faster by automating response and remediation procedures via Cortex XSOAR

Integration workflow

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