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7 Things Security Managers Should Require From a Data Protection Solution

The data security world is hyper-focused on the rapidly expanding risk presented by the modern work environment of hybrid employees and cloud-powered collaboration. The result is a proliferation of tools and tech that make it difficult for data security teams and security administrators to explore their options. Here are the key requirements for data protection solutions that can rise to the challenge of modern digital work and deliver the simplified admin experience security teams need to be efficient and effective:

Cross-Platform Agent 

Incydr is OS-agnostic, ready to protect data regardless of the operating system. Incydr is built to work across all operating systems (Mac, Windows, Linux) with one single admin console, an exceptionally light endpoint agent, and connections to cloud data repositories.

Exfiltration Detectors for Corporate Cloud + Email Monitoring 

Incydr provides visibility to all data movement within digital ecosystems to enable fast and reliable detection of data exfiltration events so you can respond before it’s too late. Cloud applications are big blind spots and visibility needs to go beyond detecting the use of unsanctioned cloud apps. You need to see and respond to unsanctioned data movement from corporate cloud and email applications. Incydr delivers this comprehensive cloud exfiltration visibility in a centralized dashboard.

Browser Upload Detection 

Incydr detects file uploads to the internet and alerts on uploads to untrusted web destinations like Dropbox, Gmail, OneDrive and more. Incydr works with all major web browsers without requiring additional network technology like proxies.

Clear Delineation Between Corporate and Personal Activity  

Few solutions help analysts clearly understand what is trusted vs untrusted activity. Incydr uses its Inferred Trust capabilities to detect activities that could easily be missed. Incydr detects file downloads from Salesforce to personal devices and can identify when a file upload is going to your corporate Google Drive or a personal Google Drive, even though they appear to be the same URL. 

Queryable Event Metadata Index 

Once unsanctioned file exfiltration is detected, Incydr provides immediate access to the forensic information to investigate rapidly. Without requiring a device to be physically present or online, Incydr delivers cloud-based access to relevant metadata that should allow you to quickly locate the relevant context — all without burdening endpoint performance.

File Access 

File renaming or extension changing are frequently used to intentionally obscure valuable content. Seek out a solution that provides ready access for file review. Incydr provides immediate, cloud-based access to review any file in question and confirm their contents.

Right-Sized Response Controls 

The final critical capability is to have a wide range of controls to rapidly and effectively respond to a potential data exfiltration event.  Incydr offers in-app response capabilities ranging from immediate containment of an event by isolating the endpoint or removing a user’s identity access, to contacting the user to quickly gather more information, or triggering targeted user education to steer positive behavior change and mitigate future behavior insider risk.

Incydr’s Approach

Respond confidently to data theft before damage is done

Incydr, a data protection solution, allows security teams to detect data theft by monitoring cloud & endpoint exfiltration, and accurately tailor responses to each offense. Let’s work together to protect IP without disrupting users or causing more work for your security team.

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