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2020 Data Exposure Report

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Collaboration and Dynamic Workforce Contribute to a Growing Insider Threat Problem

In this report, you’ll learn why security teams need to reassess their data loss prevention solutions and start with an insider threat program that provides complete data visibility.


Key findings in this report:

  • Cloud-based collaboration technologies and workforce turnover have become major drivers of data exfiltration as insider threat programs fail to keep pace with today’s digital workplace
  • 36% of workers believe that the increased emphasis on file-sharing has made them more complacent about data security
  • 51% of the workers surveyed believe that the risk to corporate data when employees depart is bigger than organizations think


More about this report

In the 2020 Data Exposure Report on insider threat, you’ll learn how the growing work from home business model has increased the potential for Insider Risk. With millions of employees working from home, they’re collaborating and file-sharing remotely to keep business moving. This seismic shift in how work gets done shines a spotlight on data leak exposure and data loss prevention.

Data exposure was a rising concern even before the pandemic. It’s even more so now. This exposure report provides the insight your organization needs to navigate and mitigate SaaS data exposure due to Insider Risk. Learn how increased cloud-based collaboration and higher than average employee turnover is impacting data loss prevention. Find out what workers think about the risks around data exposure.