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Forrester Study: Yesterday’s Solutions Won’t Solve Tomorrow’s Data Security Issues

How security teams are addressing the gaps in their policy-based tools in regards to threat intelligence, data risk and incident response.

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After interviewing over 315 security decision-makers, Forrester discovered that security tools initially purchased for data compliance aren’t fulfilling current data security needs. Forrester suggests that security teams instead focus on a 3-pronged approach by monitoring files, users and the vectors by which those files move.


Key findings from this report:

  • The top reasons security teams purchase policy-based security tools like DLP and/or CASB
  • The biggest problems that security teams have with using the policy-based tools they bought
  • What these teams are doing now to address gaps in threat intelligence, data risk, incident response and investigation


More about this report:

In the Forrester Study: Yesterday’s Solutions Won’t Solve Tomorrow’s Data Security Issues report, you’ll learn why current DLP/CASB data security tools have created security gaps for organizations of all sizes, across all industries. This Forrester threat intelligence report shines a light on these shortcomings and offers insight to how to better address data security issues.

Insider Risk is a growing problem for organizations — creating risk that often is a lower priority than threats from outside your organization. But when employees move data it puts your valuable intellectual property and trade secrets at risk. As more employees work remotely and access data files via cloud-based collaboration tools, the need for comprehensive data security tools is heightened. Use this Forrester security report to understand the shortcomings of current security solutions and how to fill the gaps.