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3 New Priorities That Highlight Why Your Security Stack Might Have Gaps

We’re facing very different work environments than we were in 2019, and security priorities have changed just as quickly as our work reality. In response, we worked with Forrester to survey over 315 security leaders who use policy-based security tools like DLP and CASB at their organizations. These leaders told us that trying to use tools made for compliance and access control to address data risk has created blindspots and disrupted employees. This infographic displays how their new priorities stack up with the tech they’re using.


This infographic summary on the Forrester survey provides insight on:

  • Three critical priorities that are causing security leaders to take another look at their tech stacks
  • The biggest problems that security teams have with using policy-based tools to protect data today
  • The changes that recent work conditions have driven in data protection


An infographic displaying the Forrester survey results from security leaders on how their new priorities stack up with the security tech they are currently using.