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6 Unusual Data Behaviors That Indicate Insider Threat

Whether it’s a product developer, a marketing manager, or even a contractor, anyone can move data to a location it’s not meant to be. And most of the time, it’s accidental. Take a look at six unusual data movements that could indicate your employee is leaking data.

This infographic will show:

  • Examples of data movements that should be flagged by your IT or security team
  • The usual suspects behind abnormal data movements (hint: it could be anyone!)
  • Why you need full visibility into unusual file movements

After reviewing the infographic, hop over to our live demo instance to see how Code42's Incydr product brings visibility to risky data behaviors and provides you the context you need to respond appropriately. 

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An infographic displaying six common employee behaviors that could indicate insider threat activity.

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More about this infographic:

In the 6 Unusual Behaviors that Indicate Insider Threat infographic, you’ll learn common behaviors that are clear insider threat indicators . Insider Risk is posed by employees moving data to places where it doesn’t belong. It could be emailed or uploaded to a file-sharing program. Unusual data movements can happen at any time, from any employee. If you don’t know when an Insider Risk incident happens, how can you protect valuable organizational data such as intellectual property or trade secrets?

About the Author

As the head of Governance, Risk Management & Compliance at Code42, Chrysa has over 12 years of experience in security GRC and security awareness management and training. Prior to Code42, Chrysa initiated security awareness programs at Medtronic and Target. Chrysa holds an MBA degree from St. Thomas and a BA from the University of Minnesota.

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