Instructor™ Product Plans

Employee education tailor made to reduce Insider Risk

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Instructor™ Product Plans

Instructor Lesson Packs come complete with proactive, situational and responsive education content.

For security teams needing to add Insider Risk education to an existing security awareness solution, add Instructor Lessons to your existing learning management system. For customers building a standalone Insider Risk education program, leverage Instructor Lessons in your incident response process to assign education based on user activity.

And, if you want to customize Instructor with your own branding, we can do that too.



Instructor Custom Branded


Best-in-class Insider Risk Reduction Training. Lessons tailored to help reduce Insider Risks proactively and responsively.

Custom branded Instructor Lessons. Customize Instructor Lessons with your company logo and information.

Proactive Lessons
Situational Lessons
Responsive Lessons
Custom Branding -

Lesson Pack Contents

Lesson packs listed are offered for both Instructor and Instructor Custom Branded.

Proactive Lessons

  • Insider Risk & You
  • Keeping Source Code safe
  • Keeping your Marketing data safe
  • Keeping your Sales data safe
  • Avoiding Common Data Risks: Google Drive edition
  • Avoiding Common Data Risks with Slack
  • Avoiding Common Data Risks: Office365/OneDrive edition
  • Avoiding Common Data Risks with iCloud

Situational Lessons

  • Departing Employee: Do's-and-Don'ts
  • Users with Elevated Access: Avoiding common data risks
  • New Employee: Do's-and-Don'ts

Responsive Lessons

  • iCloud sync
  • Google Drive - Unsafe Sharing
  • Office 365 - Unsafe Sharing
  • Personal Email
  • Slack
  • Source Code Repository
  • Unapproved Cloud Service

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