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Get Started With Insider Risk Management

Implement a better approach to data protection with a complementary copy of Insider Risk Management for Dummies.

About the book

The new Insider Risk Management for Dummies guide, written by Steve Kaelble, is now available in digital and print formats. This book is your guide to the new way of looking at your data risk from within your organization. It examines all sides of today’s and tomorrow’s Insider Risk issues and offers up-to-date ideas for resolving them.

What’s Inside?

  • Getting a Grip on Insider Risk
  • Why Traditional Tools Can’t Solve the Problem
  • How to Get Started with a Better Approach
  • Ten Key Takeaways

What will you learn?

You will get an understanding of why Insider Risk is a growing concern to organizations, an overview of how organizations have historically attempted to address it, and a framework for how to actually address the root of the problem.

About the author

Steve Kaelble is the author of many books in the For Dummies series, and his writing has also been published in magazines, newspapers, and corporate annual reports. When not immersed in the For Dummies world or writing articles, he engages in healthcare communications.

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