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Forensic Search

Investigate Event Details Without Straining Employee Devices

A product view of Incydr's forensic search as it investigates data exposure event details.

How it works

Query file activity in seconds

Forensic Search allows you to further investigate event details and custom query a comprehensive, cloud-based index of activity metadata without putting strain on employee devices. Incydr automatically populates the Forensic Search parameters required for insider threat investigations — and allows you to create your own custom searches based on the high-risk activity criteria you care about most.

Moving image of Incydr's Forensic Search where you can download exfiltrated data files.
  • Review contextual metadata
    Forensic Search is the go-to place to review Incydr’s extensive set of metadata on event and file information.
  • Access file contents
    Authorized admins can view exfiltrated files to verify the value of contents and confirm they have not been obscured (i.e., File Mismatch IRI).
  • Custom query in seconds
    Easily query an organization-wide index of all metadata with no strain on endpoints. No physical device access needed for investigation.
  • Run saved searches
    Save and routinely run search queries for specific use cases, such as all exposure involving a specific file hash or all AirDrop activity for a set of users.

Incydr Metadata includes:

File Metadata

  • File name, MD5 and SHA 256 hashes 
  • Owner, size, path, created and modified dates 
  • File category and MIP tags

Event Metadata

  • Event date, time and type 
  • Source where the file event took place (computer, cloud, email) 
  • All Incydr Risk Indicators associated with the event

Device Metadata

  • Hostname and FQDN
  • The OS username for the person logged in to the device
  • Private and public IP addresses

Destination Metadata

  • Web browser active tab title and URL information
  • Removable media make, model, volume name, partition ID and serial number
  • Sync destinations and usernames
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Want to see Forensic Search in action?

Get a tour of how Forensic Search makes it easy to detect and investigate data loss from insiders.

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