Insider Risk Detection for the Federal Government

Incydr Gov is a FedRAMP-authorized SaaS solution that proactively manages Insider Risk while protecting files in cloud-based apps and on endpoints.

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Code42 delivers key benefits for the federal government

With unrivaled simplicity, signal and speed, Code42 brings together three dimensions of risk to quickly and accurately detect and respond to insider threat.

Detect data exposure

See high-risk activity including USB, cloud sync applications, Airdrop, web browsers and other web apps.

Investigate insider threat

Identify the employees and contractors most likely to put data at risk and get a prioritized list of employees whose recent file activity requires investigation.

Quickly take action

Efficiently compile, document and disseminate pertinent investigation details to make a fast and informed decisions about how to respond.

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Data Risk Detection and Response for Insider Risk

Code42 brings together three dimensions of risk to quickly and accurately detect and respond to insider threat with unrivaled simplicity, signal and speed.

  • Pinpoint data risk using dashboards, lenses and alerts
  • Simplify insider risk investigations with user profiles and forensic search
  • Integrate with SIEM, SOAR and other existing systems. Compile, document and disseminate evidence and remediate risk through corrective or legal action, training, and more.
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Use Cases for Incydr Gov

Departing Employee

Most employees take data with them when they leave for their next job. We make sure your most valuable files stay with you.



Contractors offer many benefits to an organization but also come with an increased risk for data theft. See how to quickly and accurately respond to data risk caused by temporary employees.


Exfiltration Detection

Most organizations have mechanisms in place to prevent data from leaving corporate systems, but proprietary business documents should be protected differently and this is often overlooked.


High-Risk Employees

Some employees are more likely than others to put data at risk. Privileged users are a good example due to their system access.


Data Spillage

Many agencies are reactive to data spills. This poses a significant challenge to contain a spill and increases the odds of additional file versions being created. Incydr Gov can speed up investigation and response to data spillage.


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