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Incydr™ Microsoft 365 Email Exfiltration Detector

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Mitigate data leaks through corporate email accounts

Code42 Incydr exfiltration detectors are integrations that connect Incydr with corporate cloud or email systems, like Microsoft 365, to identify when data is exposed through corporate email systems.

Monitor all file attachments included on sent emails, regardless of DLP policy, to detect when valuable files are sent to untrusted destinations.

Distinguish between files shared to personal versus corporate email addresses and other untrusted destinations.

The Microsoft 365 email Exfiltration Detector is built on the event stream architecture, making the configuration and authorization process simple.

Integration features

Incydr’s O365 email Exfiltration Detector is a native integration to Microsoft that monitors all file attachments included on a sent email. Incydr ingests the data exposure, detected by the O365 email Exfiltration Detector, and correlates it with additional file, exfiltration vector and user context to surface Insider Risk Indicators (IRIs).

Comprehensive monitoring

Bring untrusted data risk that occurs over O365 into focus with exposure events involving other cloud, endpoint, and email exfiltration vectors to quickly detect when files are exfiltrated via O365.

Native integration

Incydr’s O365 email Exfiltration Detector is tied directly into Microsoft and conducts the file monitoring there.

No costly Microsoft licensing

All you need for the Incydr O365 Email Exfiltration Detector is a license that includes Microsoft Exchange/Outlook Online.


Allow Code42 access to Microsoft 365 email

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In under four minutes, our product demo provides a walk through of the SaaS solution to show how Incydr can stop data exfiltration before damage is done.

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