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Incydr™ + Gmail

Mitigate data leaks through corporate email accounts


Incydr Exfiltration Detectors


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How the integration works

Incydr integrates with Gmail to identify when data is exfiltrated through corporate email accounts. Incydr detects when attachments are sent to untrusted recipients (such as non-corporate domains) to give you a picture of all email-driven data exposure across your organization. Unlike traditional solutions, it does this without requiring policy creation or management.

Key features

  • Attachment detection: Get visibility into files attached to outbound emails sent to untrusted recipients via Gmail
  • Attachment metadata: Review critical information on the event including filename, hash and the email address of the sender and recipients
  • API-based: Monitoring takes place through an API-connection and can be implemented for all users or specific users – authorized within Incydr using your Gmail admin credentials
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Benefits of the integration

Mitigate risk

Incydr removes noise from sanctioned activity by distinguishing between files shared to personal versus corporate email addresses – respond to risk events and validate proper use of corporate email accounts

Comprehensive visibility

Because monitoring is API-based, it detects emails sent with attachments regardless of device – corporate computer, personal computer or phone

Quick setup

Simply set your trusted domains and authorize monitoring to detect all future untrusted file attachments – no proxies, policies or agents needed

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