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Tech Comparison

Cyberhaven vs Code42:
Uncovering Key Differences

We know the evaluation process for security technology is burdensome. To help simplify it, we’ve outlined the key differences between Code42 Incydr™ and Cyberhaven Data Detection and Response™ – and why Incydr is a better solution to protect your insider threats.

Graphic comparing Cyberhaven Data Detection & Response to Code42 Incydr. Cyberhaven Data Detection & Response is displayed as a puzzle piece that doesn't quite fit into the rest of their tech stack, while Code42 Incydr displays a perfect fit into the rest of a technology stack.

Finding the ‘right fit’ solution for data protection

Code42 Incydr and Cyberhaven Data Detection and Response are both cloud-based data protection solutions that help security teams detect, investigate and respond to insider threats. Both solutions can take action to protect data and stop exfiltration.

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Why Incydr is the better solution to protect your data

AI-enabled prioritization

 Cyberhaven relies heavily on policy-based methods that add significant administrative burden to security teams. Incydr uses an AI-enabled prioritization model to uncover potential exfiltration risks that may have gone unnoticed by rules-based methods.

Improves user behaviors

While Incydr blocks insider activity just like Cyberhaven, blocking is not always the most effective. Instead, responding with Instructor’s timely security trainings can reduce 36% of low-risk insider activity in only 4 months.

Seamless interoperability

Unlike Cyberhaven, Incydr is an API-first platform. With 30+ integrations with leaders like CrowdStrike, Tines, Workday, Slack, Okta, Splunk, SumoLogic and Rapid7, it ensures seamless security team workflows.  

How Incydr stacks up against Cyberhaven

Here’s a snapshot of how exactly Code42 Incydr’s key capabilities compare to Cyberhaven.

Code42 vs Cyberhaven capability comparisons
Feature Name Code42 Cyberhaven
Rapid Deployment and Ease of Use
Policy creation & management
AI-enabled prioritization model detects risks out-of-the-box with no configuration. Requires you to set up policies and determine what events are risky on your own.
Corrective Response Controls
Real-time user blocking
Insider threat remediation
Case management and integrated containment controls Requires an outside tool to track notes and share evidence
User correction
Triggered video lessons and pop-ups provide in-the-moment education-based controls. Pop-ups
Impact on User Systems
Endpoint disruption
Typically less than 1% usage Testers complain of device impact
Number of integrations
30+ integrations across SIEM, EDR, IAM and SOAR to provide seamless interoperability. Not identified
Resources & Guidance
Communications templates
Program RACI examples
Dedicated CSM

“Cyberhaven never came close to what Incydr can provide.”

After completing trials of both Incydr and Data Detection & Response, prospects (who are now customers!) reported Cyberhaven’s product never came close to what Incydr could offer – and realized much of what Cyberhaven promised was vaporware.

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