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Case Study

BAYADA Safeguards Client Health Care Data

Since 1975, BAYADA Home Health Care has been a trusted leader in providing clinical care and support services at home for children and adults of all ages, across the United States.

The nature of their work requires that BAYADA’s health care professionals travel to client homes, at times with laptops or tablets in hand, making it critical that the sensitive data stored on these devices is secure and protected.


  • Lack of visibility into devices outside of the network
  • Difficulty seeing where data is stored

Critical needs

  • Meet security and privacy compliance requirements
  • Protection from lost and stolen data
  • Secure cloud-based storage

BAYADA initially discovered Code42 while searching for a secure way to deliver proprietary training videos to employees as part of their high-tech Simulation Lab program. Once Code42 was implemented, BAYADA realized this solution could help them with many of their data security challenges.

Securing sensitive data in the cloud

BAYADA is the first home care organization to pioneer using electronic simulations to prepare their home care nurses for the challenges of complex nursing care in their clients’ homes. BAYADA’s IT team needed a secure way to give their clinicians access to these training videos.

“One of our main challenges was our lack of visibility into the laptops that traveled outside our network,” said Andrew Jarrett, BAYADA’s manager of desktop equipment services. “We are a very decentralized company and backing up and seeing where the data was stored was a challenge.”

Using Code42, BAYADA now secures these files in the cloud, tracking their movement to ensure they remain secure and that access to the files is limited to the appropriate people. “Code42 solved a critical business problem—and saved us travel time and money along the way,” said Adam Satko, BAYADA’s sim tech lead.

HIPAA compliance without the headaches

One of the critical decision points when selecting Code42 as a business partner was its secure architecture and HIPAA-compliant solution. The Code42 solution securely collects data every few minutes, and provides the ability to monitor the movement of data—such as sensitive health care information—to make sure it is properly protected at all times. Data is automatically encrypted before it’s sent to the cloud, with unique encryption keys that are never transmitted to any other locations, including the authority server.

“Code42 helps us ensure we are compliant at all times. It enables us to track what’s on the machines and where data is moving. Code42 takes our security compliance to a whole new level” Andrew Jarrett, manager of desktop equipment services, BAYADA Home Health Care

With Code42, the BAYADA IT team has the ability to create reports and set up notifications to alert them if an employee attempts to move sensitive or protected data to a non-approved storage solution, such as a cloud app or peripheral device. They can see both the files being moved and the information they contain, allowing them to take immediate action.

Code42: A competitive differentiator

As part of BAYADA’s IT Security Program, their IT team is working toward a certification from the Health Information Trust Alliance (HITRUST), which offers a comprehensive framework for complying with the multitude of security and privacy regulations healthcare organizations face. “Eventually, the top insurance companies we work with will make HITRUST certification a requirement, and we want to get ahead of the game,” Jarrett said.

BAYADA is looking forward to continuing to partner with Code42 to help achieve this important goal. With Code42 guarding its data, BAYADA now has a strong competitive advantage.

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