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Using Code42 Instructor™ Micro-Trainings as an Education Response Control for Data Risk Events

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According to the 2022 Data Breach Investigation Report by Verizon, 18% of data breaches came from employee error. Whether an employee accidentally syncs company data to a personal iCloud or shares a file in an unsanctioned Slack workspace, these non-malicious events put data at risk and increase the workload of security analysts by requiring them to review and correct a large volume of accidental events.

Education is key to changing user behavior and reducing Insider Risk

It’s critical employees are trained on best practices for handling data. Sending them a “nudge” training after a mistake helps to prevent future risk to data. This, in turn, improves an organization’s Insider Risk posture over time.

Use Code42 Incydr to send Code42 Instructor micro-trainings and drive secure work habits

When used in tandem with Incydr, analysts can send Instructor responsive lessons to educate employees on security mistakes in real time. Being able to send these micro-trainings within Incydr allows analysts to save time when it comes to low and moderate alerts which are often accidental. This means education is easily sent when needed and allows analysts to focus their time on high risk events. Instructor lessons ultimately work as a preventative control by preventing employees from performing these actions again in the future, resulting in less risk over time. 

Key Features for Instructor Education Response Control

1. Built into Incydr

Quickly send relevant Instructor lessons directly from user profiles and alerts. 

2. Reference lesson activity

Keep track of who received what Instructor lessons so you have a record of activity to inform your future training strategy. 

3. Email delivery

Send Instructor lessons directly to users via email, making it easy for them to quickly watch and learn.

4. Communication templates

Leverage pre-built email templates to communicate lesson assignments to users, or customize them to your business.

Contact sales to learn more about how Instructor can reduce risk and change user behavior.

Watch how Instructor responsive lessons can be sent to users and educate them on their security mistakes:

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