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Introducing Insider Risk Managment for Dummies

1991 was somehow 30 years ago1. Tyler the Creator had just been born, Nirvana was at the top of the charts, and Dan Gookin was putting the finishing touches on “DOS for Dummies” the first in the nascent cultural touchpoint that would become the For Dummies guides, set to grace the bookshelves of your family home – and those of that guy from The League – for a generation.

In that span, the For Dummies books have run the gamut from blogging, Windows 95, and hacking to sushi, running and economics. Today we’re happy to announce that there’s one more that can be added to the library: Insider Risk Management For Dummies written by Steve Kaelble.

Insider Risk Management for Dummies book cover preview

Who is the book for?

This book is for anyone who is interested in helping organizations manage the rising problem of Insider Risk. However, as is true with any For Dummies guide, some “foolish assumptions” were made about the intended reader:

  1. You’re a security decision-maker or practitioner.
  2. Your company is a digital-first organization that moves quickly and is reliant on valuable data for success, and you no longer have a fully centralized workforce.
  3. You’ve felt the pain of implementing and managing traditional data loss prevention technologies and would like to find a better approach.
  4. You have yet to find an insider risk program that fits your needs in a modern, collaborative environment.

So, if that sounds like you, or you’re just curious about new technology trends, this guide can help.

What will you learn?

You will get an understanding of why Insider Risk is a growing concern to organizations, an overview of how organizations have historically attempted to address it, and a framework for how to actually address the root of the problem.

How can you get it?

Download a digital copy of the guide here or, if you’d prefer a printed copy, request one to be sent to you here.

Streaming soon: Code42 Live

This spring, Code42 launched Code42 Live – a series of live community discussion events to help solve the problem of Insider Risk. Recent guests have included Samantha Humphries and Chris Tillett from Exabeam, Elsine Van Os from Signpost Six, an Insider Risk Summit 2021 speaker, and Edward Amoroso from TAG Cyber.

Join us on October 12 for a conversation with the founding author of the For Dummies series, “DOS for Dummies” author Dan Gookin, on how technology has changed since the book was originally published and a discussion of Insider Risk Management for Dummies. Learn more and join the conversation at

1: And no, not in that “it seems like it’s been a decade since the beginning of 2020” kind of 30 years either.

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