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Introducing a New Method to Reduce Insider Risk: Code42 Instructor

There are three words that almost every employee despises and which the security team dreads: Security Awareness Training.

It’s a necessary evil within every organization but it is too often mis-deployed and (until this point) has been focused exclusively on awareness of threats from outside the organization. Merely training employees during on-boarding and once a year (using the same dated modules) doesn’t lead to an engaged culture. Boredom doesn’t encourage strong data stewardship and governance to protect key assets. Furthermore, most security teams don’t have the depth of resources to create ongoing, engaging content to help educate, train and address cybersecurity and Insider Risk issues. This lack of resources becomes especially apparent when in-the-moment correction is needed.

It doesn’t need to be that way any longer.

Today, at the Insider Risk Summit, we’re announcing a brand new product offering that we’re calling Code42 Instructor™.

Introducing Code42 Instructor

Security awareness and education is paramount to any security and risk strategy. Code42 Instructor provides ongoing Insider Risk educational content and specialized videos to help organizations to better train and address immediate situations as they may occur.

Unlike traditional security awareness and education designed for general compliance and external threats, Code42 Instructor is the industry’s first and only employee focused education tailored for Insider Risk.

What makes Instructor’s Insider Risk education so different is not only the content but the depth coverage it provides.

From proactive organization-wide and department-level lessons to situation specific technology lessons to responsive user-specific lessons triggered by user activity, Instructor provides what is needed to truly change user behavior and reduce Insider Risk within your organization. With Code42 Instructor, security leaders and practitioners are able to:

  • Promote and reinforce data use policy compliance
  • Enable and empower a more risk-aware workforce
  • Reduce accidental & negligent employee data leaks
  • Measure, report and improve organization-wide Insider Risk posture

Code42 Instructor accommodates organizations at different levels of Insider Risk Management maturity. Instructor Lesson Packs come complete with proactive, situational and responsive education content. For security teams needing to add Insider Risk education to an existing security awareness solution, add Instructor Lessons to your existing learning management system. For customers building a standalone Insider Risk education program, leverage Instructor Lessons in your incident response process to assign education based on user activity. And, if you want to customize Instructor with your own branding, we can do that too.

The main goal for any security awareness and education program is to change user behavior, improve risk posture and deliver value to the organization. With Code42 Instructor integrated with Code42 Incydr, security leaders and practitioners can develop a comprehensive Insider Risk Management solution, bringing the entire employee base into the process, that reduces Insider Risk to data, and secures their collaboration culture.

If you’re going to focus on reducing the potential damages and data exposure created by Insider Risk, it’s always essential to better guide and support the very employees within the organization itself to foster a true culture of security awareness governance.

Learn more about Code42 Instructor here, and find a sample lesson below.

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