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Code42 Unifies Channel, Advisory & Technology Partner Programs

Ananth Appathurai

Protecting corporate data and intellectual property – think product plans, customer lists and contracts, source code and trade secrets – is a different proposition today than it was just three short years ago. Why? Digital transformation was accelerated by the pandemic. Network perimeters dissolved. Hybrid and remote work took over. And cloud apps that let employees collaborate and share files without friction became necessary and ubiquitous. All of these forces converged as people changed jobs faster than ever before, yet are now faced with a volatile job market amid rising inflation and fears of an impending economic recession. All of these major and drastic market changes have significantly contributed to the continued rise of insider risk. 

Today, about two-thirds of data breaches involve insiders. Net-net? Data is being put at risk by insiders, accidentally or intentionally, like never before. Nearly half of business leaders are concerned about the lack of visibility into the types of high-value data leaving their organizations. So, where does this leave security teams charged with protecting said data?

The short answer is, they need a more modern approach to data protection across people, processes and tools. It starts with purpose-built technology to speed detection and response of data exposed by insiders, as opposed to the traditional reliance on prevention-based controls. They also need a solution that seamlessly integrates into their existing security tech stack – a solution that can be delivered by ‘trusted’ partners who know their business and can help them advance and mature their risk posture.

To that end, we announced in a press release today that we’re unifying our channel partner program with our advisory and technology partner ecosystem under my leadership. We’re making this move now because of the tremendous growth and interdependencies we’ve seen across our channel, technology and advisory partnerships and programs over the past year. I believe that the best experience Code42 can provide for security teams unlocks the synergies between all of our partners. It will help us better deliver modern data protection programs built around our flagship IRM products – the Code42® Incydr™ product and Code42 Instructor™ micro-learning solution.

Aligning our partners and associated programs surfaces important benefits for both our buyers and partners:

  • For security teams: At Code42, we are unifying the orchestration of all partners in our ecosystem based on security buyers’ technology stacks, preferred purchasing vendors and advisors, and level of expertise in managing insider threat and data exposure. Our Incydr and Instructor products continue to hold a valuable place in alliance partners’ portfolios, offering data protection solutions that integrate to cloud and email services, SOAR, SIEM, PAM and IAM platforms.
  • For partners: As part of our Accelerate Partner Program, we’re committed to a 100% channel go-to-market strategy and are making it easier to enable sales of Incydr and Instructor through access to partner enablement, communications, marketing and incentives programs.

I’m looking forward to this new challenge leading our expanded partner program and engaging with all of our partners. We’ll be leveraging the reach, influence and expertise of our partners to help security teams solve their data protection needs in today’s increasingly dynamic collaborative world of work. Interested in becoming one of our partners? Apply today.

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