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A Hot Topic for RSA: Debunking Traditional DLP

Hundreds of vendors and tens of thousands of cybersecurity professionals will invade San Francisco in a few weeks for the 2019 RSA Conference. The streets around Moscone Center will be filled with buses and cars emblazoned with cybersecurity vendor marketing messages, and the level of pedestrian traffic will skyrocket. When I consider what cybersecurity professionals are looking forward to at the event, it’s not only an opportunity to explore new technologies, but also new ways of thinking about data security. 

It’s all about the data.

Ultimately, people are looking for solutions to their security challenges. They are looking for the technologies that will help them manage their security posture and answer fundamental questions about data: Where is my data? Who has access to my data? How can I monitor when data is leaving my network? How do I know what data is leaving my organization? Bottom line—how can I protect my data?

“I love my DLP.” Said no one ever.

At Code42, we’re looking forward to RSA to talk about a new approach to data security. In fact, it’s a whole new take on Data Loss Prevention (DLP). At its core, our approach debunks the fundamental requirements of policies, classifications and blocking — the things that we’ve learned to love to hate about DLP. And there are other major advantages to our new solution. It lives in the cloud, eliminates long deployments, and gives security teams visibility to every version of every file. We call it Code42 Next-Gen Data Loss Protection— a solution that is defined not by what you can prevent, but rather by how quickly you can detect, assess and respond to threats and reduce business risk.

Let’s face it. Gone are the days where you can build walls big enough to prevent data from getting outside your organization. Traditional DLP solutions aren’t working. The reality is that complicated and policy-laden security strategies run counter to the needs of today’s IP-rich, culturally progressive organizations, which thrive on mobility, collaboration and speed to get work done. 

Next-Gen Data Loss Protection is a challenge to the status quo.  

Yes, the endgame of Code42 Next-Gen Data Loss Protection is a direct challenge to the status quo. It offers businesses a quicker, easier way to protect their organization’s endpoint and cloud data from loss, leak, misuse and theft.

Are you ready to hear more about a different take on data loss protection and see it in action? When you’re at RSA, stop by and visit the Code42 team at Booth S 1359 (in the South Expo Hall). We’ll be conducting product demos, and we’ll have donuts on Wednesday and Thursday morning. Make sure you get there before we run out.

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