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Our story of securing collaborative and remote work from insider threats

Stop insider threat before brand damage is done

Data is more portable than ever. Employees are more mobile than ever. People are changing jobs more frequently than ever, and 60 percent of them take data with them. And it's not always their photos and contacts, it's your trade secrets, roadmaps, source code, customer lists and strategy. Ninety percent of the time it goes undetected. By the time you find out, the brand damage is already done. Most organizations try to prevent such data loss, but the truth is relying only on prevention is futile.

Make sure your trade secrets stay secret

Legacy data loss prevention's narrow rules-based focus creates blind spots, leaving you vulnerable. With Code42, at any point, you can tell where your data lives, who has or ever had access to the data, when it leaves and most importantly what leaves.

With security as a guiding principle, Code42 can help you comply with regulations governing where and how your data is stored, who can access it, and who can decrypt it.

Faster and simpler

Code42 delivers a faster, simpler, more comprehensive path to data loss detection, investigation and response for insider threat. Code42 Insider Threat Protection provides complete visibility to:

File breadth

Detect suspicious file behavior across computers and clouds

File depth

Investigate file activity by name, path, size, owner and more

File access

Assess data loss risk by viewing the contents of any file version

We believe

  • All data is important
  • Security is a business enabler
  • Next-gen solutions are 100% cloud

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